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My name is Mimi. Student of American Studies & Sociology at the Goethe University Frankfurt a.M., Germany. I'm an adventure seeker, dreamer and lover of the beautiful things in life.

This bilingual blog came into existence by the end of 2012. Mimi's Bulletin expresses everything that moves me: thoughts about life and society, stories about my travels, my wonders about the world. I am a passionate writer. That means I put a lot of time and effort into writing articles. That's why it might take a little longer until I publish a new post. My highest priority is that the articles speak from my heart, are interesting, informative and at the same time entertaining. I do not want an accumulation of content-free posts just to have anything standing on my blog every week. 

Therefore, please only follow my blog if you really read the articles. I say that because blogging has become in the last few years more a competition for the highest number of followers. This should not be the idea behind blogging. 

In this sense: 
Enjoy! :)


2 Kommentare:

  1. i totally agree about you when you say to follow your blog only if interested! I hate when people don't even read my post and say "wanna follow each other?" Why i should follow someone if i don't know about her/his blog? Sometimes i accept just because i think that if it's so important for them i can do an effort but usually i follow blogs saving their link on the computer, not with the "following bottom"! I'm so happy there is someone here in the blogsphere that share my opinion =) I wish all the best for your future carrier =) And i follow you now (this time with the bottom too ;) )

  2. Hey Mimi,
    i love you blogs and i really like your statement that you dont like people who just follow each other without reading any articles.
    I came to your blog today for my time and just read your travel posts about the O.C, and Laguna Beach. It was one of my child dreams to go to California, too. I made it last may with great friends from Finland. Your post brought back some amazing memories. Thanks!