November 07, 2012

About the Girl...

Life is TOO short. Kiss longer. Laugh harder. Love deeper. Smile Sweeter.

The name is Mimi. Residence in Frankfurt a.M., Germany. Student of American Studies and Sociology.
Addicted to sunflowers. Spring. Music. Adventures, risks."Le Petit Prince". Meeting new people. The smell of gasoline stations and nail polish remover. New challenges. The sound of running Water. The "Plop-sound" when pulling out a lipstick. But also the crackle of a campfire. Kittens' "miaow". The feeling of getting the hair brushed. Spending too much money on food (damn). My lovely friends. Baked potatoes. Fried potatoes. Crisps. Cooked potatoes.
What she loves to do: to play the piano. To laugh herself to tears. To make others laugh. To sing full-throatedly whenever it is possible (absolutely NOT the shower singer. Better in crowds).

Her dreams: Seeing as much as possible of the world. Getting to know different cultures & their mentalities. Interested in meeting a lot of different people. They may be poor, rich, drinkers, capitalists or communists, hipsters, punks, chayas or gangsters; I don't care. Never get bored of life. Becoming a journalist and to work in an editorial team. Working for at least one year as stewardess at Lufthansa after having finished her Bachelor's degree.

Things that sadden her: The bitterness, falsehood and non-transparency of society & politics. The unlearning to be a child. Poverty of imagination. The inability of many prosperous society to attain satisfaction. Ungratefulness. That everything revolves around money.

July, 2012.
Summer, bay of hale & wine.

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  1. love the last photos and the one from above, the last second photo, its awesome and so natural!

    visit my little cream button♥

  2. great pics! loved it!
    thanks for comment on my blog :)


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  4. Hey Mimi,
    this post is great, so personal! And i love your pics, so natural and strong. You are beautiful! Nice to found you!

    Greetings Juliane